No Gallery, No Problem! – At South Arts Festival

Budding young artists, who want to seize the opportunity to exhibit and sell their works at major art events, have a difficult time getting in without any renowned art gallery or famous art group to represent them. In most cases, starting artists need to go through a gallery, showcase a portfolio of several works, and hope that the gallery grants them a slot with all their other stable of accomplished artists. It is a common standard practice in the art industry, and sometimes it can lead to a lot of rejection for someone who is just starting out. Well, that isn’t a problem with South Arts Festival. 

South Arts Festival takes on applications from artists who don’t have the support of a gallery, and puts them together with similar artists in a booth to have a chance to sell their art and get that exposure. Maybe they get discovered, or maybe they might learn a painful truth that they still need to improve their art if they want to sell. In the end, they get to learn something about themselves by putting their art out there for the world to see.

Of course, it isn’t free. Artists who opt to join a booth with fellow artists who are”strangers” will still have to pay a small fee. However, that’s a small price to invest in as opposed to expending a lot of effort and resources to go through a rigid process just to get a toe in the door.

“We welcome the starting artists! Who knows? Maybe they’ll make a name because they started with South Arts Festival. In the end, it’s great to have fresh and raw talent at the festival instead of just established names,” enthuses organizer JJ Duque.

There will be 3 booths dedicated to those bold individual artists who decided to join on their own without any gallery or art group representation. Each booth will be shared by around 4 to 5 artists.

South Arts Festival kicks off on April 22, 2018 10am to 9pm at The Filinvest Tent, Filinvest City, Alabang.