Frequently Asked Questions For Art Exhibitors

When and where is the South Arts Festival?

South Arts Festival will be on March 23 & 24, 2019 10am to 8pm at the Filinvest Tent, Filinvest City, Alabang.

What time is the South Arts Festival?

South Arts Festival runs from 10am to 8pm.

Will there be an entrance fee to the South Arts Festival?

All guests are obliged to register at the gate to enter. After registration, entrance is free.

Who can become an exhibitor at South Arts Festival?

Artists, art galleries, art schools and art groups may exhibit and sell their art works at South Arts Festival provided that they send in an application form for a booth. Due to limited space, festival organizers will have to screen exhibitors and approve them before they may rent a booth.

What kind of art work can be exhibited and sold at South Arts Festival?

Exhibitors may sell only original art works of artists they represent through a gallery, group, organization or school.

Reproductions and prints of famous works from other artists (i.e. Van Gogh posters and mugs) may not be sold.

Original paintings of deceased artists may be sold at the risk of the exhibitor, and must be accompanied by a legal and valid certificate of authenticity (i.e. Juan Luna paintings).

If you are not certain if it is allowed to be exhibited and sold, please contact organizers for permission.

How much is a booth space at South Arts Festival

A typical booth space is 3m x 3m. However, there are a variety of booth options for galleries, art groups and even individual artists who don’t mind booth sharing with other individual “stranger” artists. Rates will be given once they sign up and are approved due to the limited slots.

Can an artist – without any gallery, group or association – still join South Arts Festival?

Yes, any artist can join as an individual. They must submit a sample of their recent original works to southartsfestival@gmail.com for screening. If acceptable, they will be given an application form to fill and they will be assigned a booth they can share with other artists like them who also are not represented by a gallery, group or association.

How many art works can be exhibited and sold?

As much as you can bring, and as much as you can fit in your booth. If you are an individual artist without representation, we leave it up to you and those you are sharing your booth to be diplomatic in your exhibition space.

How much can exhibitors sell their art work?

There is no cap on the price for selling art works. However, exhibitors must be responsible for securing their own payment arrangements with art buyers.

Will there be a centralized payment system?

No, there is no centralized payment system. Each exhibitor will be responsible in closing their own sales and collecting payments. Apart from cash payments, you may receive checks, mobile phone bank transfers or make your own terms of agreement with the buyer. Festival organizers will not be responsible or held liable for your own sales deals.

What are the details of a South Arts Festival booth?

The booth is 3m x 3m and will have panels in 3 sides (left, center, right). Art works may be displayed on the panels using S-hooks and must be secured with something to tie it with.  You will not be allowed to drill or damage the panels.

Each booth comes with a 2ft x 3ft desk and 2 chairs. If you require more, you may order at additional cost. You may also provide your own chairs and tables as long as you can responsibly distinguish them from those provided.

Electric outlets will be provided, and the booths come with limited lighting. Exhibitors may bring their own accent lighting to highlight their products, but must submit their electrical output so as not to overload the system.

There is also available lighting from the Filinvest Tent, which covers the entire hall.

Exhibitors may also opt to bring easels and other display paraphernalia provided that these are maintained within the confines of their booth area.

Can we pick our own booth assignments?

Exhibitors that involve art galleries, groups, associations or schools may pick their own booths, who have fully paid their basic registration fee may also have the option to choose their booths, but have to pay an extra fee. This will be done at a first pay, first reserve basis. We determine the time of payment by the email timestamp on the submission of proof of payment in our email.

For those not willing to pay the extra fee, organizers will assign your booth.

Individual artists without representation will be assigned their sharing booth.

Will there be security provided to watch over the art works?

Yes. Filinvest Tent has security to guard inside  The Filinvest Tent and outside at the al fresco area to watch over the works when beyond the event hours. During the time of the event, security will also be present, but each booth must be manned by exhibitors to deal directly with customer inquiries and buyers.

When is the ingress of exhibitors?

Ingress of exhibitors will be scheduled on March 22, 3PM onwards. Each exhibitor will be given a time slot at the loading dock area so as not to cause unnecessary traffic and for an efficient flow.

Are special permits needed for ingress?

Filinvest City requires a vehicle permit for delivery trucks and vans that have 6 wheels or more. The permit can be secured at the Filinvest City office. You will need to submit a photocopy of the vehicles OR and CR along with a filled application form and a paid fee. The payment varies on the vehicle. If you need those details, you may contact the organizers or request it from The Filinvest Tent management.

Do we need to submit anything for ingress?

Yes! You will need to submit a list of what you will be bringing into your booth. We do not need the art work details such as size, medium and artist. However, we do need a general description of items (i.e. 6 paintings, 2 sculptures, 3 bags, 2 easels, 3 chairs, 2 spot lights).

When is the egress of the South Arts Festival?

Egress will be after the event at March 24, 2019, starting at 9PM. No one is allowed to egress and leave their booth vacant prior to that time, or else they will not be allowed to participate in the next South Arts Festival 2020.

Egress is usually chaotic as everyone rushes to go home, especially at the loading dock area. Organizers will assign time slots at the dock and will prioritize the big delivery vehicles that needed special permits from Filinvest City.

What are the extra perks of South Arts Festival?

Because of our valuable relationship with Art+ Magazine, they have offered to publish a catalog of art works to be featured in South Arts Festival. Those who want this option to promote their art to Art+ Magazine subscribers may pay a fee per page.